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August Partner of the Month 


Bolis is a 24 year old talented and passionate photographer from Tema. He became the only son to his parents after he lost his brother 7 years ago in a tragic accident. Since 2015, he has been working as a self-employed videographer while studying at the faculty of commerce. He couldn’t afford to buy a camera, so whenever he had a job, he rented an outdated camera. 


As an ambitious passionate photographer, he always dreamt of buying his own professional-grade  camera. This would not only save him the cost of rentals, but also help provide his clients’  with higher quality photos to cherish their precious memories,y and add photos as a new service to his list. In September 2019, Bolis met Koinonia and applied for a loan of 35, 000 L.E. to buy his dream camera. His application was enthusiastically approved in October 2019.

One challenge of being a wedding photographer is the seasonal income, since there are no weddings during the 5 months of fasting. This means that he has to budget his finances properly to be prepared for personal expenses, while still paying his loan installments on time.

In an effort to give back to the community, Bolis volunteered to do the video documentary of the visit of His Holiness Pope Tawadros to Sohag. As a result of this event, word spread about his new business and the high quality of his work. Therefore, his good deed had the added benefit of boosting his marketing efforts. He is now in such high demand that people have to book him several months ahead of their events.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, all of his plans turned upside down when business slowed due to the closure of halls and churches, and no ceremonies or parties could be held. Sadly, all his bookings were cancelled and his highest season, April to July, was ruined. 

Fortunately, his business is picking up as the economy  started to open back up in Egypt. He is now fully booked till November! This has allowed him to resume paying his loan installments with the same strong commitment as he did before COVID-19. We are very proud of Bolis, and we hope his successful example will inspire the youth in his community to reach out to KV for a loan of their own!

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