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of the Month 

of the Month 


We hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.

We are excited to share the story of Emad, a hard-working store owner in Maasara, and our June Business Partner of the month.

Emad, a husband and father of two boys, opened a bed sheet and curtain store a few years ago. Although he had the ambition to support his business, Emad lacked the means to keep up an inventory for his store. In his words, “many customers came and couldn’t find what they were looking for.” Due to the lack of variety in his store, Emad was losing customers to his competition and his store was struggling.


In October 2020, Emad was introduced to us through his local parish. We were struck by Emad’s vast experience, and his ambition to eventually own his store. We partnered with him to develop a thorough business plan that would give him the opportunity to expand and diversify his inventory so that he could attract customers and increase sales.


After we approved Emad for a 50,000 L.E. loan in February, he was able to add a vast assortment of sheets and curtains to his inventory and he increased sales significantly. Emad was also able to employ multiple people in his community, including widows, who were able to support their families. In partnership with KV, Emad aspires to purchase multiple sewing machines to provide more jobs for members of his community and to move to a larger store in a busier location. 


Through your prayers and donations, KV was able to empower Emad to provide a more stable and healthy life for his family and community. We pray that his success will encourage others to reach out to KV to begin their journey towards an empowered future. 


Thank you again for helping Emad and the rest of our business partners. Your prayers and donations are changing lives every day.

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