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of the Month 


We hope that you and all your loved ones are safe and healthy. We are excited to  share the story of Safaa, an ambitious seamstress in Massara-Cairo, and our March Business Partner of the month.

Safaa, a wife and mother of three girls, was unemployed for the last three years. At the same time, Safaa’s husband was unable to work due to his health, leaving the family without a reliable source of income. Safaa was driven to find a way to support her family, but did not have the means until she discovered KV. 

In October 2020, Safaa was introduced to us through her local parish. We were struck by Safaa’s motivation to succeed, and partnered with her to develop a thorough business plan.


She applied for a 14,000 L.E. loan to open a store selling cosmetics, school supplies, and bed sheets. Safaa began her new venture by renting a small shop. After a few months, the shop owner increased the monthly rent and Safaa decided to move her business to her home to save money. However, Safaa continued her partnership  with KV and persevered through this unplanned change to her business plan.  

Using  our broad network of partners, we connected Safaa with another KV partner, Emad, who sells raw materials for the creation of textiles. Through this collaboration, Safaa was able to use her sewing talent to maintain her business from home by selling bed sheets. Although she was initially forced to close her shop, Safaa's ambition and drive put her in a position where now both she and her business are doing well. Safaa now supports multiple families in her community and consistently pays her loan installments.  

Through your prayers and donations, KV was able to empower Safaa to provide a more stable and healthy life for her family and community. As we reflect on Women’s History Month, we pray that her success will encourage others to reach out to KV to begin their journey towards an empowered future. Thank you again for helping Safaa and the rest of our business partners. Your prayers and donations are changing lives every day.

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