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of the Month 

of the Month 


As we continue to empower opportunity through fellowship, it is our distinct pleasure to announce Adel Atia Habib as September’s Business Partner of the Month. 


Adel, a 43-year old husband and father of two sons, had to leave school at an early age to support his family. His father was diagnosed with a condition that immobilized both of his knees and that required expensive surgery. His family could not afford the procedures so Adel and his three siblings each left school to work and contribute to their father’s medical expenses. Adel was never able to return to school and achieve his initial dream of becoming a helicopter engineer but in the process of supporting his family he found a new dream, owning his own business. 


Adel was introduced to Koinonia in April of 2019. He had experience in the pesticide industry but needed some seed funding to start his own company. After fine tuning his business plan with the KV team, he was granted a loan of 23,000 L.E. to purchase materials for his business like pesticide equipment, uniforms, and printed signs.


Over the past two years he has worked extremely hard to successfully grow his business. In fact, Adel made his last loan payment this month. We are so proud of Adel’s work ethic and perseverance and look forward to watching him continue to build his business. 


Through your prayers and donations, KV has allowed individuals like Adel to live out their dreams of running their businesses while creating sustainable impacts in their communities. We are very proud of Adel and the impact that he is making in both his business and community.

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