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September Partner

of the Month 


Sameh, our first partner in Awlad-Elyas, is a great model of persistence and resourcefulness.


He is a 49 year old husband and a father of 3 young children who worked at a well-known factory in Sohag as a sales representative. His job and financial situation were stable until last March.


However, due to the economic fallout of COVID-19, Sameh lost his job in April 2020 and his family was suddenly deprived of their main income. Following the loss of his job, he persistently searched for work, but found none due to the country’s dire financial situation. 

This past July, Sameh met Koinonia and applied for a 50,000 L.E. loan, which was approved because of his promising and well researched business plan to sell products in his area of expertise from his previous job at the Tefal factory. 

By the time he received the loan, he had already rented a store and reached out to his former colleagues to negotiate buying small kitchen appliances and other kitchen items for the lowest possible price. Thanks to his relationships in the industry, reputation, and negotiation skills, he reached a very good deal that will enable him to offer very competitive prices in the market.

We are looking forward to seeing Sameh become a successful partner in the hopes that  he will encourage those who also lost their jobs during this difficult time to reach out to KV to begin their journey to an empowered future. 

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