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of the Month 

of the Month 


As we continue to empower opportunity through fellowship, it is our distinct pleasure to announce Bishoy Nabil Shoukry as October’s Business Partner of the Month. 


Bishoy is 33 years old and lives with his mother and two younger brothers in Tema, Sohag. His father passed away some time ago and he found himself in the position of  provider for his family. His experience and degree are in accounting so Bishoy worked as an accountant and lecturer at his local university to provide for his family. Through his work, Bishoy found that he loved teaching. However, he had aspirations to start his own business, both to better provide for his family and to contribute to his local community.

Bishoy met with Koinonia in September 2018. His plan was to start a tutoring company by renting out a space, purchasing computers, and the materials needed to teach courses in accounting, human development, and languages like English, French, and German. After fine tuning his business plan with the KV team, he was granted a loan of 90,000 L.E.


Over the past three years he has worked extremely hard to successfully grow his business. He received a license from the Ministry of Education certifying the quality of his business which allowed him to hire new teachers and exponentially grow his business, he also received accreditations from American universities in Egypt which further enabled him to expand his course offerings.


While, COVID posed significant challenges to the growth of his business, Bishoy met the challenges with the same perseverance that contributed to his initial success. He found new avenues to generate revenue, like renting computers in his facility for standardized testing. Bishoy made his last loan payment last June. We are so proud of Bishoy’s work ethic and perseverance and look forward to watching him continue to build his business.

Through your prayers and donations, KV has allowed individuals like Bishoy to live out their dreams of running their businesses while creating sustainable impacts in their communities. We are very proud of Bishoy and the impact that he is making in both his business and community. 

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