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of the Month 

of the Month 


As we continue our mission to empower opportunity through fellowship, today we are highlighting one of our recently funded partners, Hany Shafik, as our August Business Partner of the month.

Hany, a 47-year old, husband and father of three, was struggling to maintain his carpentry business. Hany’s experience in the carpentry industry spans 35 years, which he has used to effectively operate his business for the better part of almost two decades. Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 pandemic and wood prices rising to levels unseen in years, he had to seek out financial support in order to keep his business afloat.

In the Winter of 2020, Hany was introduced to us through his local parish. Upon applying and interviewing with KV, Hany was granted a loan of 50,000 L.E to help him buy more raw materials for manufacturing and transportation costs so that he could maintain his day-to-day business operations.


Since being granted the loan, Hany has been working extremely hard to build his business amid increasing expenses. We admire Hany for the perseverance he has shown through difficult economic conditions and look forward to continuing to partner with him.

Through your prayers and donations, KV has allowed individuals like Hany to live out their dreams of running their businesses while creating sustainable impacts in their communities. We are very proud of Hany and the impact that he is making in both his business and community. 

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