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We are happy to share with you the inspiring story of Emil, an excellent salesman in Tema, and the January Business Partner of the Month. 
Emil is a 37-year-old
husband and father of two young children. He worked for 15 years in a shop at the Anba Yassa Monastery. Three years ago, Emil decided to start his own business in the town in which he lives, so he could be more present for his family. He had the good sense to choose a field in which he had significant experience and talent, the sale of garments. 

Emil rented a store and started his business. Unfortunately, due to a lack of capital, his business growth and profit were so low that he could barely provide for his family.


Last summer, he heard about KV through one of our successful partners, Hany Zaref. In September 2020, Emil applied for a 30,000 L.E. loan. After interviewing him and evaluating his business plan, KV recognized his potential and approved the loan. Thanks to the capital provided by the loan, he could provide larger quantities and varieties of merchandise that address the needs of his customers. Using his significant sales skills, Emil managed to thrive in a very competitive market and build a vast base of loyal clients. By the end of October, he had increased his sales by 50%, and by the end of November, he doubled his income.
By providing Emil, and people like him, with access to credit, your support of KV empowers him and his family to hope for a more prosperous future. Emil reached out to KV because he met one of our partners, and we pray that his success will have a similar effect and encourage others to reach out to KV to begin their journey to an empowered future.

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