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of the Month 


We wish you all a joyous Feast of the Holy Resurrection, and hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.


We are excited to share the story of Ibrahim, a hard-working grocer in El Marg-Cairo, and our April Business Partner of the month.

Ibrahim, a husband and father of two boys, opened a grocery store six years ago. Initially, his store was successful and had many customers. However, after two years, the cost of food increased substantially making it difficult for Ibrahim to maintain his inventory. Unfortunately, Ibrahim lost many customers and his store was on the verge of going out of business. 

Screen Shot 2021-04-22 at 8.45.40 AM.png

In October 2020, Ibrahim was introduced to us through his local parish. We were struck by Ibrahim’s motivation to increase sales at his store and his vision to eventually expand. We partnered with him to develop a thorough business plan that would give him the opportunity to expand and diversify his inventory so that his grocery store could achieve profitability. 

After we approved Ibrahim for a 100,000 L.E. loan in October, he was immediately able to replenish his inventory and sales at his store have increased each month since he received the loan. Additionally, in January, he was able to add new products to his inventory further fueling the growth of his business. In partnership with KV, Ibrahim aspires to open multiple stores and provide jobs for members of his community. 
Through your prayers and donations, KV was able to empower Ibrahim to provide a more stable and healthy life for his family and community. We pray that his success will encourage others to reach out to KV to begin their journey towards an empowered future.
Thank you again for helping Ibrahim and the rest of our business partners. Your prayers and donations are changing lives every day.

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